Starscream, the only lord you’re equipped to be… is a shitlord

Anonymous sent: Why is it that you don't seem to care about anything anymore?

Because I don’t.

I still do care about things, like my team and those I consider my friends, but I realized that not everything deserves my attention.

So I stopped giving a slag about most things. I just don’t have the energy to get angry that much anymore. Condor gets angry for me.

{And he does a great job at that, thank you.}

Anonymous sent: How world you react when there are a bunch of Miniature Starscreams and Cliffjumpers climbing all over you and wanting to have sex with you?


The say way I would react to any other anomaly’s that are considered normal in my life now.

Find a solution to the problem and forget it ever happened.

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I’ve posted this before but this gives me strength when I have none

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⁞Even if you get spark sex out of it?⁞


{So NYEH!}

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Um EXCUSE! Many beverage too large for birb?? Would like flavor milk in thimble, maybe not big cup.

Anonymous sent: M!A: It must suck being smaller than literally all of your peers. For the remainder of the day you are now a shuttle, have fun looking down at everyone for a change. Condor will also grow in size.


I think I could get used to this.

⁞He’s going to elope with Condor.⁞